New at Noon – Jessie G “Whatever This Is”

“Sometimes true musical talent just cannot be denied, even when it’s found in the sleepy fishing town of Brookings, OR,” says Grammy award winning artist Gretchen Wilson about Jessie G, the first outside artist signed to Wilson’s Redneck Records.

Jessie’s heritage spans four generations of commercial fishermen. She spent much of her childhood aboard the hand-built family boat. Hard work runs in her blood.

It’s doubtful that Jessie knew winning a Battle of the Bands contest to open Gretchen’s Portland, OR tour date would literally change her life. Upon hearing Jessie sing, Gretchen invited her onto her tour bus and urged Jessie to begin the journey that every young country singer-songwriter must embark upon — she moved to Nashville.

Jessie immersed herself fully into writing, teaming with some of Nashville’s best, and spent countless hours in the studio working on her sound. Discovering the true art of songwriting under the watchful eye of Gretchen and her multi-talented friends and collaborators, Jessie realized the true depth of what she wanted to say.

“These new songs have helped me find my voice and who I am, both in the writing room and in the studio. This has been one of the biggest growing experiences both personally and in my career,” Jessie says.

The new single “Whatever This Is” is a beautiful song co-written by Jessie, Gretchen and Sarah Beth Terry about carefree – no pressure – fun – youthful love.

Gretchen is very proud that Jessie is signed to Redneck Records, where she serves as Jessie’s co-writer, collaborator, producer, label head, tour mate and friend.