WJVidoL Rules

“WJVL IDOL” Official Rules:

  1. You must be 21 years of age or older to participate in the contest.
  2. Attend scheduled WJVL IDOL appearances as heard on 99.9 FM, WJVL from October 1-29, 2015 or view the list of venues at www.wjvl.com.
  3. AUDITIONS:  At each venue, persons wishing for a chance to audition should request an entry ticket from the WJVL official on duty.   Contestants will be selected at random from all entries accumulated during the live appearance times and invited to perform one country song from the available library of Karaoke selections at the venue.     Contestants may not provide their own music but must choose from available selections at each venue.  The maximum number of contestants at any audition venue will be 24.  Contestants must be present when their entry is called to be eligible to perform.
  4. All audition contestants will be filmed at the time of performance.   The film recording becomes the property of WJVL.
  5. All contestants, by performing, give their unlimited consent to the posting of their performance video to websites including but not limited to WJVL, Facebook and other social media outlets to facilitate the promotion and voting process.
  6. At each audition event, two contestants will perform back-to-back in a “face off”, followed by an applause vote from the audience for each set of two performers.   The decision of the WJVL IDOL emcee from WJVL on site at the performance regarding the winner of the audience applause vote is final.   The winner of each two contestant “face off” will be featured for live online voting with the potential of becoming a finalist.  In the event of an uneven number of contestants, final contestant will automatically move to the online voting round.   The remaining contestant is eligible to enter the contest again in upcoming weeks.
  7. If selected for weekly online voting, contestants are ineligible to audition again until that week’s voting is concluded (this may exclude contestants from entering the next audition appearance if it occurs before the online voting period ends).   Once selected as a finalist, contestants may not enter any further audition events.
  8. Each week’s videos will remain posted for active public voting at www.wjvl.com for 5 days following the performances.  The voting for each week’s auditions will end at 8:00am on the 6th day following the performances.
  9. Weekly finalists will be determined by the total number of “votes” registered through the online voting process.   Contestants agree to be bound by any and all user agreements, terms and conditions of the voting site.  WJVL reserves the right to utilize any and all methods to discourage cheating on the contest including use of generally accepted permissioning and tracking utilities.
  10. The four contestants with the highest number of votes at the conclusion of the online voting time period will be declared finalists and invited to perform at the WJVL IDOL Finals at Bazinga Pub and Grille on October 29, 2015.    Contestants not able to attend this event will forfeit their chance at the grand prize.
  11. The WJVL IDOL Finals event will be a judged event with pre-determined judges from a variety of backgrounds.   The judges will select one winner based on overall and vocal performance.    Decisions by our panel of judges are final.  In the event of a tie in the vote scoring, an audience applause vote will be used as the tiebreaker, with the decisions of the judges final.
  12. Three “finalists at large” will be selected at random from all entries received during a special one hour registration period during the finals appearance at Bazinga Pub and Grille.  The finalists at large will be announced throughout the finals and invited to perform ‘on the spot’ during the finals performances with equal consideration by the judges for the grand prize.
  13. The winner at the WJVL IDOL Finals will receive a $1000 cash prize (to be awarded in the form of a check upon verification of eligibility)
  14. By registering, you give WJVL and the participating venues the unlimited permission and authorization to use your name, likeness, image, photo, performance video and voice recording, entry materials, and any other contest-related materials in promotional and advertising displays, print ads, announcements, commercials and web site publication without any further compensation at any point the the future.
  15. All decisions of WJVL and regarding the execution of the contest and interpretation of the rules are final.
  16. WJVL reserves the right to disqualify any contestant not conforming to the rules of the promotion at any time.
  17. WJVL and its contest and promotional partners assume no responsibility for entry and/or voting fraud committed by any contestant or voting participant.  The voting mechanism employed by WJVL in the contest is provided through a third party vendor and neither WJVL or its participating contest partners assume any responsibility for technical or other fraudulent use by participants regarding the outcome of any voting period.  The voting mechanism will utilize preventative measures aimed at restricting voting of any participant to a single vote.  The voting mechanism is intended for use by individuals on individual internet connections.  Votes cast on computers on the same network (home, company, cellular or other) may not be recorded.  The votes tallied will be considered the accurate and official totals without regard to the technical restrictions.  WJVL reserve all rights to the ownership and return of the prize and all costs associated with remedying any prize award to an ineligible entry or entrant.
  18. WJVL and its promotional partners are not responsible for any errors or omissions contained in these rules and reserve the right to correct such errors, if any, without any penalty or liability.
  19. WJVL, Bliss Communications LLC., participating sponsors and their parent and subsidiary companies are not responsible for any liabilities arising directly or indirectly from participation in the contest or the award or use of any prizes, and offer no warranty or other guarantees regarding acceptance of the prize except as may be outlined directly herein.
  20. Winner is responsible for any taxes or fees associated with winning the prize, including but not limited to federal and state income tax, state sales tax, title and registration and license fees.
  21. No purchase necessary to play or enter.  Void where prohibited.
  22. Contest opens October 1, 2015 and ends October 29, 2015.