New at Night – Tyler Farr “I Should Go To Church Sometime”

Tyler Farr was born and raised in the small town of Garden City, Missouri. He was first introduced to country music at age 16, when he spent a summer on the road with his stepfather, who played lead guitar for country icon George Jones. Tyler grew to love country music and he decided to make the move to Nashville to pursue a career as an artist.  And I think we could safely say it worked out for him.

He’s had a ton of hits, which you’ve heard most, if not all, right here on WJVL.  “A Guy Walks Into a Bar,” “Redneck Crazy,” “Better in Boots,” “Whiskey in My Water,” and the list goes on…  Plus, he added reality TV star to his credits this year with his show “A Little Too Farr.”  His latest is “I Should Go To Church Sometime.”  Check it out: