The Good Stuff 3.12.19

A guy in North Carolina recently saw a dog running around in traffic, it was a chocolate lab and he managed to catch it.

Then he started to track down the owner…he took it to the vet to see if it had a microchip.  IT DID, but wasn’t registered to anyone, so he then posted photos on Facebook but that didn’t work either.
So the next day he stood out on the street corner where he found the dog originally.  This guys stood for 3 hours holding a sign he made saying  “DO YOU KNOW THIS LOST DOG?”.. the photo went viral.
The owner turned up and had been driving around all day trying to find the dog.   But the story doesn’t end there…
Because once this photo went viral women in this town started going NUTS for the guy holding the sign.
He’s a good looking dude and is now getting so many messages.  I mean come on a  good looking guy, standing outside for 3 hours for this dog to find its owner…doesn’t get much better than that ladies.  Click here for the full story here.