New at Noon – Drew Baldridge “Senior Year”

Ever since he heard his first Alabama track at age 5 back in Patoka, Illinois, Drew Baldridge’s roots have drawn from the sound and feeling of authentic, old-school country. So has his life, from working on his family farm to bonfire parties with friends on Saturday night and savoring family dinners after church every Sunday.

Originally released in 2019, “Senior Year” has found a new meaning in 2020.

“I wrote this song for Seniors last year, but it’s now taking on a whole new meaning. The lyrics “Never thought it would disappear… Senior Year” have really hit home with the Class of 2020. The last two months of their school year literally disappeared from them. My heart is breaking for these kids not being able to play sports for the last time, or even be able to have a graduation. I hope this song can bring some light and help them to relive the good memories of “Senior Year” all over again!” – Drew Baldridge