New at Noon – Frankie Justin “Spotlight”

Rising country star Frankie Justin returns with new single “Spotlight.”  Written by a proven team with a combined 30 #1’s under their belt, Ben Hayslip, David Lee Murphy, and Bryan Simpson penned something hypnotizing with “Spotlight.” Frankie says, “This is my favorite song I’ve ever recorded. Ben Hayslip has been one of my favorite writers since I was a staff writer for Brien Fisher (Grammy Award Winning Producer). ‘Mind Reader’ (written by Hayslip for Dustin Lynch) was a song and style that I felt I wanted to be and I think ‘Spotlight’ is right on point with that.” With lyrics like “Dance floor’s packed with everybody in town,” the song explores the story of a man who doesn’t see anybody but her, she’s standing in his spotlght. Mastered by Luke Bryan’s mastering engineer, Adam Ayan, this record has a depth of quality to its sound that is a great follow up to “Broken Heart Break.”  Learn more about Frankie HERE.